****NEW *** B-SIDES compilation released ****

Swervedriver.com is proud to present live compilations of all four albums. Lovingly compiled by members of the forum, these compilations represent the best of the known live bootlegs and radio sessions.

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"The live CDs of the four albums - that was a pretty
cool idea. I listened to that stuff on headphones and
there are some scorching performances in there -
hearing the songs from Hoboken New Jersey on Halloween
1998 took me straight back to being in the back of a
very hot room on a very cold night!

The version of For Seeking Heat is insane! The band is
totally on the edge at 110mph and sounds like it's
gonna careen off at any moment - I've heard more
solid, steady versions of this song but for sheer
visceral excitement this takes the proverbial

I know that some of the stuff isn't too great
recording quality-wise but the only actual glitch I
spotted was on Harry & Maggie, fairly early on in the
first verse, where there's a chunk of a few seconds
missing - hopefully that wasn't on the original
recording..." Adam
(um ...that is the best H&M we have)

Download cd liner art and track details below:

(b sides ---coming---)
(raise cover / liner)
(mezcal head cover / liner)
(ejector seat reservation cover / liner)
(99th dream cover / liner)

....compiled and mastered by interloper....covers by rocket....


15 years old I guess, through Nuendo and hasn't been processed in any way. Tracks off Raise and pre-Raise eps are mixed into the interview from JJJ Australia. Teri Roberts is the interviewer with mainly Adi and Adam as the interviewee's, with Jimmy and maybe Graham in the background. There are snippets from Reading that year as well.
file 1, file 2, file 3 , file 4

Toshack's 'i've lost the feeling' video (Amsterdam, 2000) live video on youtube

Please do not sell these recordings. They may be freely traded. If you have high quality swervedriver live recordings to submit please contact me.