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T O P I C    R E V I E W
bradsears Posted - 09/21/2009 : 08:00:53 AM
Here you go brothers. The long lost questions from the forum have been answered. Special thanks to Adam who has answered a few of these twice thanks to the abyss of my organizational skills.

1) What tuning is Song of Solomon and what would it take for you (Adam) to tab out or give the chords to some of your more difficult to play songs, (song of solomon) songs in open tuning etc.?

Standard - capo on the third fret I think so it kicks off with an A shape, the second chord is kind of a G7 shape then a C and an F. It would probably be a bit of a nightmare to tab out though and I can't promise I'll do it but I might.. maybe..

2) Why did you move the key for Canvey Island Baby when you play it live, is it easier to sing?

Yep - some songs shift around key wise for live. Thing is you often write a song at home with maybe an acoustic and nothing but the birds tweeting outside and it all sounds fine. Then you get into a rehearsal room with the full amped-up power of a rock band behind you and realize that the vocal is in fact way too low to sing and thus the key gets altered.

3) What amp set up were you using on the Spent Bullets tour? I saw 4 amps, a matchless, marshall, vox and one i couldnt tell. Are these A/B'd or run in stereo?

Jesus, I thought that said the Spandau Ballet tour for a second! I was going through a Vox AC30 and a Matchless DC30. The set-up changes every tour really but this time around I had the same effects going through both amps with the Space Echo as the 'wild card' through the DC30 - thanks Casey!)

4)How did your recent style come about? In songs where you tend to sort of play bass on the lower strings and melody on the higher strings at the same time. Did that grow out of your acoustic only show finger picking phase?

Yeah it possibly did. It's a great discipline to learn I think, doing the ol' acoustic finger picking stuff, because you have to keep the bass going at all times and then it translates back into the full band rock thing in a cool way.

5) If I pull some strings and arrange for Liverpool to win the Premier League in May, 2010 (and for Spurs to win the FA Cup) can you guarantee a new Swervedriver album by March, 2011?

Not a bad offer. Well, first off you have to keep up your side of the bargain of course and then we'll see.. Not sure about the Spurs part though - how about Fulham for the Cup instead?

6) What kind of sandwich was Graham going after when he got off the bus?

It's a good question! Graham's actually quite amused by the sandwich thing these days - he says he still gets asked about it all the time and comes back with ever more elaborate responses. A couple of years ago I asked Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre how come Graham ended up in his band and he said they're driving down the street in San Francisco in their VW Camper van and Anton looks over at the sidewalk and shouts out "that's Graham from Swervedriver! Pull over!" They pull over and Anton calls out "Graham!" "Yeah?" he calls back. "Jump in!" and Graham did. Always hopping in and out of vehicles that guy..

7) How did you make the noise on Sci Flyer 8 secs in?

The distortion goes in front of the wah.

8) I've read that Adam and/or Jim played bass on some tracks, before Steve appeared on the scene. Does he remember which tracks?

Jim plays bass on A Change Is Gonna Come and Harry & Maggie and I played bass on the rest of Mezcal.

9) I once heard a rumour that (awesome) metal band Carcass would often forgo rehearsing their own material, in favour of playing Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath covers to amuse themselves. I really can't picture you guys standing in a rehearsal room playing Duress 20 times in a row given the improvised nature of that and some of your other material. Off the top of my head I can only think of a few cover versions that Swervedriver performed or recorded during their career. Are there some amazing Swervedriver covers hidden in the vaults that we need to know about?

Very early on we used to do goof around with a version of Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry although it didn't really have all the rapping - the arpeggios at the end became quite hypnotic as I recall though. Funnily enough when we opened for the Smashing Pumpkins back in '94 or whenever it was, we knew we were gonna lose Jimmy for a few days as his second kid Jake was due any day and he planned to fly back for the birth. Anyway, when the day finally came we were in Florida and Jez, Steve and myself hadn't actually worked out what we were gonna do as a three piece. In the end we had three shows as a three piece, and inexplicably we decided to open the first of these with a cover of Black Sabbath's Sweet Leaf. I don't think it was that great because we didn't ever play it again. We used to jam on T.Rex's The Slider in soundchecks when opening for Soundgarden with Danny Ingram on drums and Adi on bass. One time we finished playing it and Monster Magnet were booing from the side of the stage. One of them shouted out "boo! T.Rex sucks! Hawkwind rules!" We're thinking of breaking out a couple of covers later in the year actually - anyone got any suggestions (that we can completely ignore)?

10) The first Toshack LP was a departure and a shock to many Swervedriver fans, since then the Toshack Highway has seemed to 'Swerve' away from the more electronic sound on the Orange LP. Is electronic music still something an avenue that you explore and is there any possibility of similar output in the future?

That orange album certainly did confound a lot of Swerve fans, didn't it? haha! There were also people that loved it that didn't care for Swervedriver at all. I think people are pretty much always gonna be somewhat surprised by what people in bands do outside of their 'main' band, as if everyone is programmed to only make one kind of music. It's true that my stuff has 'swerved' back to somewhere probably more familiar for a lot of people and there's not any great thinking behind that - it's just what feels right at the time. It's partly why we ditched the Toshack Highway moniker though because that name seemed to really only represent the kind of sound on that album. And actually, without wanting to confuse people even more, but there has been some Toshack Highway activity lately with some old tracks re-surfacing and we may even re-issue that album with some extra tracks and possibly do another one along those lines. Not that anyone will buy it of course.

11) I'm probably reading into lyrics too literally, but I've been wondering; Was 'Watchmaker's Hands" inspired by a real area in the world that you've visited?

The first verse with the reference to people "riding motorbikes lidless" and all that was inspired by a trip to Seville in Spain. The second verse about going into to visit the guy in the store and the whole thing about being able to "exist in your very own parallel time" was actually inspired by a little clock and watch shop at the bottom of Muswell Hill in London at 304 Park Rd in N8 called Clockwork, it's still there I think - google it. Anyway this is gonna sound completely ridiculous but I always used to look out for it when going past on the bus and I swear that on occasion it wasn't there - the bus would slow down and I wouldn't see it! So that's where I got the idea that somehow the guy was messing around with the clocks and time itself and was off in some parallel universe. Top tune that one! The last verse is just about getting back from Spain I think and it's cold and starting to snow in Camden Town.

12) Why a Fender Jazzmaster? Owning one myself, I appreciate just how versatile they are. Was there a particular influence or person that led you to the JM?

There used to be a bit of a Jazzmaster club didn't there, with a lot of cool players - Sonic Youth, Dinosaur, MBV, Televison, Costello, Yo La Tengo, Nels Cline etc etc. They're amazing guitars and extremely versatile. One thing though - I know that somebody keeps suggesting that I should change the saddle on my bridge for a Mustang one... but no!! Don't change it! It doesn't need it. It wouldn't be as dumb as the guy from Bush replacing his Jazzmaster pick-ups with humbuckers but once you start you're on that rocky road.. We did a radio session in New York on the Raise tour and Curt Smith of Tears For Fears was the host and interviewed us and even sat in the middle of the room tapping his toes while we played. He was nice enough but at the end of the interview he said "well, that's Swervedriver! Go out and see them play and please go out and get their album because it looks like they could do with some money to buy some new guitars with!" Duh.

13) In most bands, there seems to be a formula of...lead/rhythm guitar. Could you explain how it worked within SWD between you and Jimmy?

I've been fortunate enough to have played in a number of combos where the guitarists' styles kinda weave in and out of each other or even where it's seemed that there's been an element of telepathy going on. The cool thing with Jim is that we can switch around parts sometimes when we feel like it or if I find I can't sing and play a part at the same time. Certainly the main part of the solo on Son of Mustang Ford was his in the studio but somehow became mine later on, live. Similarly Locksley Taylor is adept at switching up the parts and re-arranging them live for Bolts of Melody - with Autumn Leaf from Spent Bullets I hadn't really figured what we'd do with the wah-wah part at the end but when we got to playing it in rehearsal before the tour he suddenly switched to my verse part at the end so that I could do the wah part. In the earlier verses of that song he plays the piano line as picked arpeggio which sounds great. And then there's Blasco in Magnetic Morning who just has the craziest sounds going down. It's interesting because in that band he operates somewhere between Jimmy LaValle and me in that his sounds are sometimes recognizable as guitar sounds but at other times sound like keyboards. So you have Josh on bass locking in with Sam's drums and then bouncing melodies off of the guitars, and then you have Blasco locking in with the guitars and then bouncing off the keys.. It's enough to make your head whirl, I can tell you.
18   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
KM Atlanta Posted - 10/19/2010 : 1:03:15 PM
OK - New offer: If Liverpool avoid relegation, then a new SWD album in 2011-2012.
bazza Posted - 10/19/2010 : 04:29:17 AM
There's no way Liverpool are going to win anything this season!
akram720 Posted - 10/18/2010 : 04:07:48 AM
A song is a piece of music composed for the human voice to perform. Songs sometimes have lyrics that may or may not rhyme. Religious verses are sometimes also referred to as songs, for example, the "Song of Solomon" Songs are typically created for a solo singer, though some songs are intended as a duet or for a trio or larger ensemble. What's your favorite song?
Snail Posted - 10/10/2009 : 6:20:49 PM
There's no doubt about the wealth of info on this board would make an invaluable resource for a band bio at some stage. Lots of interesting context, insights and trivia. I'd buy the book. I should start with Jez's book though.

I guess this is the place to get those missing links found. Is there any light on how and why the sax ('Deep Joy'?)happened on 'Never Learn'. Its just that it's most peculiar. Out of all swervie tracks, a sax is a wildly unusual instrument to be hearing. But combined with swerve guitar sound, and the way the instrument works perfectly within the song extension, interacting with guitar is a freakish genius stroke. Insights?
adivines Posted - 10/04/2009 : 05:21:54 AM
Originally posted by roarvis

I know SWD have gone on record for hating Hawkwind

Show me where that record is- 'cos it isn't true. I was already a massive Hawkwind fan when I joined...
mpavlic08 Posted - 09/29/2009 : 06:08:39 AM
If I had to guess, I'd say that he's referring to the shows that SWD is doing in England. He's probably saying they are considering doing a cover or 2 for those shows.
whitewatersky Posted - 09/28/2009 : 11:12:59 PM
ADAM sez:
" We're thinking of breaking out a couple of covers later in the year actually - anyone got any suggestions (that we can completely ignore)?"

who is we?
and which year does he speak of?

by the way, how are yas all?

i just got done with a coupla weeks of awesome SAMIAM shows here in Oz.....
what a buzz....

[EDIT] i just read the resty of the recent activity. SWD playing more shows. yippee.

not in Australia. [bummer]
RudAwkning Posted - 09/25/2009 : 10:22:08 PM
great stuff!
Baileys Hat Posted - 09/25/2009 : 3:19:48 PM
Liverpool win the league and swervedriver get back and record an album. As a blue, that's a tough one to contemplate. It would make far too many members of the dark side of my family happy. No, I'll settle for the sounds and the times being left where they should be, firmly in the past! Just like title celebrations at shamfield!!
interloper Posted - 09/24/2009 : 06:47:26 AM
Oh man, this is GREAT.

...slowly digesting...
roscoe_p_coltrane Posted - 09/24/2009 : 03:41:56 AM
thanks loads for this brad. i love the hands story. i first heard the song after i had bought the cd in auckland when i was 19, but i couldn't transfer it to tape until i got to a hostel in kaikoura on the south island where a kind chap did it for me. i remember listening to that (and of course never lose that feeling) for the first time ever on a mad beach with snow capped mountains in the background. fast forward 16 years and it turns out i live 400 yards from the shop that inspired the song. cool. i'll check if it's still there.
KM Atlanta Posted - 09/22/2009 : 1:05:44 PM
I'm still trying every trick in the book to get Liverpool to win the Prem, but we will need Man. Utd. & Chelsea to lose... and the other powers-that-be do not seem willing to let that happen. Just last week, a rift in the time-space continuum allowed United to score a winning goal two minutes after their game should have ended, and Chelsea avoided a penalty so obvious that Keane (Spurs) basically asked to receive a card for diving if there's no penalty. Let's channel our thoughts on Fulham winning silverware this year.
Strudelhead Posted - 09/21/2009 : 2:01:38 PM
You supply us with the forum to come up with this stuff.....BIG Thanks Brad !!!
roarvis Posted - 09/21/2009 : 10:51:29 AM
The story about Monster Magnet is funny. I know SWD have gone on record for hating Hawkwind, which I always though odd since I hear some similarities between the Lemmy-era lineup of that band and Swervedriver's early stuff. The idea of Monster Magnet hating T. Rex (and booing Swervedriver) is also ridiculous since I like all those bands. Maybe it's because I grew in the 80s instead of the 70s, so I didn't have to suffer through any of that music when it was popular (and even T. Rex was mainly a cult act in the States).
mpavlic08 Posted - 09/21/2009 : 09:38:58 AM
I love the little things we get on this board that you don't get with other bands etc. The little story about playing in NYC during the raise tour and the guy from Tears for Fears thinking they had no money because he played a Jazzmaster. Yeah, it's a short story, but it's the kind of stuff you don't find anywhere else, those little sort of 'behind the scenes' stories you could only get in the online format. Thanks again guys.
visionaryhead Posted - 09/21/2009 : 09:34:08 AM
Very interesting reading! Thanks for that
bradsears Posted - 09/21/2009 : 09:33:24 AM
Although I do seek out and enjoy praise I must say that the only contribution I made to this effort was to delay and bungle it. I know Adam checks out the forum from time to time and I know he appreciates the interest and dedication. Give yourselves a high five everybody.
mpavlic08 Posted - 09/21/2009 : 08:51:45 AM
First off a huge thanks is on order to you Brad. Thanks for taking the time to get our questions to Adam. Second, a huge thanks to Adam. I'm not sure if he ever reads the boards here. But I can't thank you enough for answering a few of my questions (the Song of Solomon, amp set up questions) It always means a lot when someone does something they don't have to do. You surely didn't have to answer these questions, yet you took the time to do so, and I and I'm sure I speak for everyone else here, want to say thanks. If you ever did get around to tabbing or writing the chords out to Solomon, there would be no way to thank you. Also, whomever said they would get Liverpool to win the premier league if there was a new SWD record, let me know, whatever help you need, I'm there.....

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