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NEW!   The (Not So) Big Book of Adam Franklin & Swervedriver Acoustic Guitar Songs
             13 songs tabed out completely by a dedicated fan in beautiful word document or html

Swervedriver Tablature

- Sci-Flyer
- Pile-Up
- Son of Mustang Ford
- Deep Seat
- Rave Down , Rave Down 1/10/2005
- Sunset
- Feel So Real
- Sandblasted
- Lead Me Where You Dare...

Mezcal Head
- For Seeking Heat
- Duel (Hairy Haw), Duel (Dave) , Duel (Marcos Burian) , Duel in FCDGCD (Album Tuning by Matt Pavlichko), Duel Bridge Tab (Paul Freeman)
- Blowin Cool , Blowin Cool (bass)
- MM Abduction (Dave), MM Abduction (Marcos),
- Last Train to Satansville
- Harry and Maggie
- A Change is Gonna Come
- Girl on a Motorbike (Locksley), Girl on a Motorbike (Dave)
- Duress
- You Find It Everywhere
- Never Lose That Feeling (Dave), Never Lose That Feeling (Hairy Haw) , Never Lose That Feeling (bass)

Ejector Seat Reservation
- Single Finger Salute
- Bring me the Head of the Fortune Teller
- Other Jesus
- Son of Jaguar E
- I am Superman
- Bubbling Up
- Ejector Seat Reservation
- It's All Happening Now
- How Does it Feel to Look Like Candy?
- Last Day on Earth
- The Birds
- Flaming Heart
- Plan 7 Star Satellite 10

99th Dream
- 99th Dream (Hairy Haw), 99th Dream (Dave)
- Up From the Sea
- She Weaves A Tender Trap
- These Times
- Electric 77
- Stellar Caprice
- Wrong Treats
- You've Sealed My fate
- In My Time
- Expressway
- Behind the Scenes of the Sounds and the Times

I Wasn't Born To Lose You
- Autodidact
- Deep Wound
- For a Day Like Tomorrow 1 and 2

B-sides, Singles and EP's
- Hate Yr Kind
- The Hitcher
- Juggernaut Rides Again
- My Zephyr
- Planes Over The Skyline
- Scrawl and Scream
- She's Beside Herself

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Toshack Highway
- Country Grass
- I've Lost The Feeling (live)
- The Streets That Spin Off
- Seize the Day

Adam Franklin / Bolts of Melody
- Canvey Island Baby Guitar Chords
- Canvey Island Baby Solo
- Theme from LSD Guitar Tabs
- Sundown Chords
- Take Me To My Leader (acoustic tab)
- Yesterday Has Gone Forever