Guestbook Archive July 2000

Date: Mon Jul 31 17:34:01 2000
Name: J Nevada
Comment: I told Jez that I thought Graham did an excellent job playing the drums on their version of “Jesus”. He looked at me and said..”Uh, that was me playing on that song.” I felt like an idiot…

Date: Mon Jul 31 03:49:05 2000
Name: Tuomas
City/State/Country: helsinki
Comment: And the drumming in Year of the Girl… just amazing

Date: Sun Jul 30 17:43:54 2000
Name: J Nevada
City/State/Country: Richmond, Va.
Comment: ..Right on Tuomas…The guitar playing in Duress is up there too. When I saw them play that song in D.C. in ’98, I turned around to look at the crowd and evryone’s eyes were closed as they swayed to the music. It was very hypnotic and very beautiful.

Date: Fri Jul 28 02:15:24 2000
Name: Tuomas
City/State/Country: Viking land
Comment: J Nevada, you really got a good taste, the solo as well as the whole song is the reason why I started listening to the Swervies fulltime…

Date: Tue Jul 25 16:19:29 2000
Name: J Nevada
City/State/Country: Richmond, Va.
Comment: ..Jez once told me that his favorite tune that the band has ever done is “Bubbling Up”, that was cool to hear because that song is great…

Date: Tue Jul 25 10:43:51 2000
Name: zoe
City/State/Country: new york city
Comment: hey! i hope everyone here has checked out adam’s toshack highway project and the’s certainly a different kind of beast but all of you here saying you’re waiting for the next swervies release will certainly find the same soul and guts as in the best swervedriver material and it’s a beautiful signpost to the future….

Date: Mon Jul 24 14:17:57 2000
Name: Ricky
City/State/Country: space
Comment: J Nevada I agree

Date: Sun Jul 23 17:10:37 2000
Name: J Nevada
City/State/Country: Virginia
Comment: ..The wah solo in “Deep Seat” is the most beautiful a guitar has ever sounded..

Date: Sat Jul 22 23:51:21 2000
Name: Infernal
City/State/Country: Canada
Comment: Check out these cool Swerve items:

Date: Tue Jul 18 09:11:25 2000
Name: Mustang
City/State/Country: Ford
Comment: Hey…. guess… what…. swervedriver are da bomb

Date: Sat Jul 15 15:46:41 2000
Name: Pedro
City/State/Country: Lisbon- Portugal
Comment: I hope the next album will be more ” Never lose that feeling ” orientated. Raise is a classical album.

Date: Fri Jul 14 12:13:55 2000
Name: Rick
City/State/Country: Canada
Comment: you’ve been away for so long……

Date: Fri Jul 14 01:23:30 2000
Name: Art
City/State/Country: NYC
Comment: Well, It seems we’ve got Jez and Adam on here already. Now if only we can get Steve and Jimmy to post, I’d say we’ve got a pretty good start. 😉

Date: Fri Jul 14 01:14:13 2000
Name: Tuomas
City/State/Country: Hellsinki, Sinland
Comment: Santa’s village, wheew what a limbo. The goddamn place hasn’t made any profit ever since it was started… But to stay on the topic, I certainly hope that swervies are not going to follow the route that My Bloody Valentine set (finnisign the album only to see that it’s never published)… Hoping for the best still.

Date: Wed Jul 12 19:35:15 2000
Name: William Damon
City/State/Country: Seattle, Washington U.S.A
Comment: When are they gonna be in my neck of the woods? I haven’t seen them live since Sacramento, in ’91.

Date: Wed Jul 12 19:33:19 2000
Name: William Damon
City/State/Country: Seattle, Washington U.S.A
Comment: I really love their misic. A solid content, with an elusive sense of soul and guts. The hairs go up on the back of my neck when I listen to them. My spine tingles.

Date: Tue Jul 11 12:09:47 2000
Name: houdini25
City/State/Country: New Jersey
Comment: Swervedriver is one of the most underated bands in the world. Please come out with a new album soon. Save us from the banality of top-40-corporate-infested music.

Date: Tue Jul 11 11:42:02 2000
Name: adam
Comment: bremner lorrimar? better than coppell hill i s’pose. or rix hillier!fancy a pint?

Date: Tue Jul 11 07:24:24 2000
Name: Shar Chi
City/State/Country: Sydney, Australia
Comment: lol @ Tuomas.. yeah, but u guys have Santa’s Village ;). Anyways, I was privy to some Swervie info a few months back, where Jez said after the solo stuff was done, he’d try round up the good ppl for a jam & a new album, but it was only an indication, not a definite. Jez also admitted to hording a fair amount of Swervie demo & live / rare stuff and said he was thinkin about piling it together for some kind of release (possibly internet only). Like I said, that was months ago & i’ve seen or heard nothing on the subjects since.

Date: Tue Jul 11 01:15:07 2000
Name: Tuomas
City/State/Country: Helsinki, Finland
Comment: Speak for your own Art… I’m stuck here in rock’n’rollforsaken Finland and none of the greatest bands of this 90’s indie-era ever laid their foot on our ground. fook. 🙁

Date: Thu Jul 6 15:56:00 2000
Name: swerve
City/State/Country: driver
Comment: swervedriver

Date: Thu Jul 6 09:39:36 2000
Name: Art
Comment: Jez makes no mention of a SWD album or tour. That sucks. But we will most likely at least see Jez, Steve and Adam on tour in their various “own things” like Pig Orchestra and Toshack. Better than nothing…

Date: Wed Jul 5 22:56:41 2000
Name: Jerry
City/State/Country: Mississippi
Comment: Upon a second reading, Jez’ reference to a new album is ambiguous: is this a SWD or “Pig Orchestra” CD?? Is there any definite news on a new Swervedriver proper album? Now I am really depressed… 99 th dream was years ago…… we need some new tunes!

Date: Wed Jul 5 22:50:30 2000
City/State/Country: Mississippi
Comment: Hey, did everyone miss the fact that Jez mentioned a new SWD album in a few months followed by a tour…. that news just about made my year! Toshack is brilliant in case you have been holding out, a must have. Hey Kristy in New Orleans, email me as I am close by! Jerry.

Date: Wed Jul 5 18:35:17 2000
Name: Erik
City/State/Country: Richmond,VA USA
Comment: Hey kids, Hope all is well with everyone. I was just writing to let you guys know that as of today, July 5th, the 7″ split that the fellas put out with Sophia is currently available on Ebay. As you all probably know, this is kind of hard to come by and has what might be one of their best tunes on it…(Why say Yeah) Just thought I’d spread the word so some lucky Swervie could end up with it. Good luck and take care…

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