Toshack Highway at SXSW March 18th + update +

Update from Adam: presents The Shoegaze
Hacienda(Britpop,shoegaze,indie),from the UK and US
Sat March 18th @ The Drink on 6th free Drinks & food @
the VIP area.

the line up is looking something like:
11:30 Belial (AZ)
12:00 Caspar (LA)
12:30 Business machines (LA)
1:10 The Drugs (LA)
1:45 Helen stellar (Chicago)
2:30 My Were They (Chicago)
3:15 Protokoll (Boston)
4:00 The Pacific (LA)
4:30 Local Division(UK)
5:00 Piney Gir (UK)
5:30 Adam Franklin(Swerve Driver/Toshack Highway) w/Sianspheric (UK)
6:30 Mark Gardener(Ride) w/Goldrush (UK) till end at 7:45

Badges & wristbands accepted @vip lounge also general admission

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