Interpol’s Sam + Swervedriver’s Adam = Setting Suns

Getting to kick out some jams with your idols is any young musician’s dream come true, and for a young musician named Sam Fogarino from a young band called Interpol, that dream recently exploded into reality.

Fogarino met former Swervedriver lead Adam Franklin over dinner a winter ago, and the two must have hit it off, ’cause they done gone and formed a band. “i’ve been a swervedriver fan from the start, still am,” wrote Fogarino on the Setting Suns’ newly inaugurated MySpace page. “i would have killed just to bang a can for adam franklin. now, he makes sense of my melodies, and turns our ideas into a beautiful din. i feel lucky and alive…. and a bit sick from my own sap.”

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Myspace with 2 tracks here:

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