Swervedriver recorded something on tour – Developing

I have it from a reliable source that sometime during the US tour Adam, Steve and Jimmy ‘stepped into a studio’ and recorded something during the US tour. Forum discussion here
* boom * I just got some more details:
Swervedriver were invited over to the Dandy Warhols’ Odditorium studio space in Portland to take part in a project they have going on called Breathe Easy.

They basically have been grabbing bands that come through town to hang out and record at their studio. Other bands and artists then come in and build up the same tunes, as well as starting up completely new ones. So we heard J Mascis playing on a track with the Black Angels, and then Sune from the Raveonettes appears on a track with the Kooks etc etc.

They have a camera crew on hand and the idea is to either get it commissioned as a TV show or do a MySpace/YouTube thing with the ultimate aim of raising money for the 3 Rivers Land Conservancy which is a conservation trust in Oregon.

So myself, Jimmy and Steve headed on over there the day after our Portland show. A totally amazing space kinda based on Warhol’s Factory I guess, with a control room, kitchens, offices and side-rooms all with cool art and books and instruments dotted about, and a live room the size of a basketball court with a full stage set-up and tons more gear and artefacts everywhere.

The Dandys served us cups of tea and beer and said they had 2 or 3 backing tracks they wanted us to hear and played us the first tune which had cool bass and drums, some squiggly keys and a girl singing on top. We immediately thought it sounded groovy enough so me and Jim put electric guitars on top and Steve rocked an acoustic.

Then we recorded a couple of improvised pieces with Elliott, the Dandys’ engineer behind the kit. Turns out Elliott is a great drummer and a big Swervie fan so he was pretty happy to be playing in the band.

We played the Love The Way It Starts/Hate The Way It Ends two chord jam and then played an extended breakdown of the very end of Kill The Superheroes. At the end we laid some reverse analog keys on top of the whole thing and it sounded supercool.

Funny thing is we asked who the rhythm section was on the first thing we played on, and it turns out it’s the Bravery. so there is now a track in existence that has the Bravery’s rhythm section with Swervedriver’s guitars on top!

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