More Good News – New Adam Franklin Album Recorded + UK Swervedriver dates updated + Sophia Dates + Forum Questions Answered

“Adam and Bolts of Melody have recorded a new as yet untitled album, tentatively set for release next Spring.

Mikey Jones who drummed on the recent tour played drums and nailed twelve songs in a day and a half at Stratosphere studio in New York City with sometime Bolt of Melody Matt Sumrow playing bass and keyboards in the broken absence of Josh Stoddard. Matt has previously played keyboards with Bolts in the studio but never live and plays guitar with Dean & Britta and handles piano duties with Ambulance Ltd. Arjun Agerwala recorded the session and all of these dudes play in The Still Out also.

Having just come off the road and rocked up the Spent Bullets tracks there was indeed a rockier spontaneity to the recordings – in fact after jamming the songs out in a rehearsal room situated on Franklin St in Brooklyn, Adam, Mikey and Matt were itching to do an impromptu show as a three-piece somewhere in the city but couldn’t sort it out in time. Instead the band and Arjun drove up to Toronto where Adam and Locksley laid down guitars and vocals and everyone had a couple of drinks.

After adding a few finishing touches at Mark Gardener’s studio in Oxford, Adam aims to mix the album in Cardiff with Charlie Francis sometime after the end of Sophia’s European tour and before Swervedriver’s UK dates.”

Here are the UK dates all together in one place:

11.26.09 O2 Academy, Oxford
11.27.09 ICA, London
11.28.09 Relentless Garage, London
12.04.09 Butlins Holiday Resort, Minehead – All Tomorrow’s Parties
12.05.09 Butlins Holiday Resort, Minehead – All Tomorrow’s Parties
12.06.09 Butlins Holiday Resort, Minehead – All Tomorrow’s Parties

Adam Plays with (in) Sophia frequently and has some European dates coming soon:
09.25.09 Jubez, Karlsruhe (DE)
09.26.09 Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg (DE)
09.27.09 Moritzbastei, Leipzig (DE)
09.28.09 Lido, Berlin (DE)
09.29.09 WuK, Wien (DE)
09.30.09 E-Werk, Welangen (DE)
10.01.09 Forum, Bielefeld (DE)
10.02.09 Schlachtof, Wiesbaden (DE)
10.03.09 Lagerhaus, Bremen (DE)
10.04.09 Kulturkirche, Koln (DE)
10.06.09 Circolo Degli Artisti, Roma (IT)
10.07.09 Musicdrome, Milano (IT)
10.08.09 Hiroshima Mon Amour, Torino (IT)
10.09.09 Schuur, Luzeme (IT)
10.10.09 Le Romandie, Lausanne (CH)
10.12.09 Democrazy, Gent (BE)

If that is not enough, Adam sat down and put finger to keyboard to answer some of the forum’s questions. See the Q & A here.

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