Black Horses pre-release signed copy plus exclusive download of song of your choice :(sold out 1 day later):

OMG a fan’s dream come true. As I understand it you get the new album Black Horses and any song from Adam’s back catalog recorded specially for you. Get on this now. 

Ahead of the release of the new album Black Horses on July 16th we have an amazing special offer – 30 personally signed CD copies in digipaks are available for purchase here. 

HERE’S THE TWIST THOUGH: For just 25 English pounds (plus p&p)*, not only do you receive a physical copy of this wonderful-sounding album in tastefully-packaged, digipak artefact form via your friendly postman, but ALSO you will receive via email, an exclusive wav or mp3 file of Adam playing a new version of a song OF YOUR CHOICE from his back catalogue, recorded SPECIALLY FOR YOU to listen to at your leisure and OWN exclusively forever! 

Yes, own! Just think.. If you never, ever upload it to the internet it’s yours and yours alone, forever!! You can tantalise dinner party guests with snippets of it before placing your iPod back down your pants for safe keeping. Or imagine subtly slipping it into the playlist on a road-trip -you’ll be the envy of all your friends! Plus you can barter with them when they want you to play it again – a bottle of beer here, getting to ride shotgun for the next 50 miles there.. Frankly, your social standing is gonna go up overnight.** 

Each recording will be lovingly prepared and executed – no lazy cast-offs – plus Adam will even take onboard stylistic recommendations (although to be honest he’ll probably just do it in whichever style feels right at the time). 

But which song would you choose? A slowed-down, brooding psychedelic rendition of Laze It Up JUST FOR YOU? Ramonesland re-imagined as a Ramones song FOR YOUR MUM? Or perhaps even a ridiculously hardcore interpretation of Rave Down FOR YOUR LITTLE BROTHER! 

All you have to do upon purchasing is send a message with the name of the song you wish to OWN, your email address and your mailing address plus please state wav or mp3 preference. Album download will be immediate, CDs and exclusive song allow for a week. 

*The price of this offer is set at £25 and post and packing is £3.50 so as this Bandcamp account is set up in US dollars, full inclusive price is set at $42. 

**What you do with your exclusive track is up to you of course. 

(For an extra £25 Adam will cover any song you choose, as long as it’s from the year 1967 – FOR YOUR DAD! probably). 

Further enquiries feel free to email:

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