Deep Wound single Dec 9th and new album 2014


Among an endless parade of edgeless acts and accolade ceremonies, bands like Swervedriver are needed more than ever, with music that aims straight for the heart.

So here’s the news – on December 9th Swervedriver’s first new recorded material in more than fifteen years will be available to download. Swervedriver have completed several successful US, Australian and European tours since reforming in 2008, but with the addition of NYC drummer Mikey Jones in 2012, a shift in gear spurred a new creative period for the band.

Aired publicly for the first time last year with the band’s performance on the Jimmy Fallon TV Show, Deep Wound is the first pup from that litter to open its eyes – and it’s classic Swervedriver! The B-side re-working Dub Wound goes for the kind of driving Krautrock vibe hinted at on Adam Franklin solo releases (and is co-mixed by Ride’s Mark Gardener who also provides backing vocals on the A-side).

A full length Swervedriver album is planned for 2014 but in the meantime, give your old copy of Mezcal Head a break and treat your ears to some new Swervy material! 

Get yer Swerve on! Download from December 9th on Itunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and Google Play.

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