All Happening Now, 36 songs project, Disc 3 of 3 just came out.

Our 3 week odyssey is complete.  Go get the last installment of this amazing project.  36 songs directly for the fans.  Everything is up on Bandcamp and iTunes so take your pick.

Now for some more news.  Take a look a this quote from Adam and see if you can catch the two news bombs:

“Thanks everyone for being involved in this – I have to say I’m quite glad to have it all finished and out there finally. This was all in part promotion of the Black Horses album of course and there is a White Horses album in the making which is some way off yet but that could be a time to embark upon a similar project, perhaps.”

That’s right, a new release is twinkling in Adam’s eye and it is possible the project will repeat.  Yum.

To those of us with a foot still in the physical media past it seems quite likely that all three of these All Happening Now issues will make it to physical release so I’ll keep you posted on that as I get info. There will shortly be some news about a vinyl reissue for later in the year I am told.


Finally Adam returns to work on the new Swervedriver album.  Vocals were being recorded last week and it has now entered the mixing stage.

Feel lucky because you are lucky.

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