English Subtitles

Too far gone 
and it’s sprawling out 
and as Rome burns, 
hey let’s all sit this one out 
and scatter out.

Energy heartbreak please 
plant the seeds that I see in your eyes, 
energy heartbreak dies, 
there’s still hope over the other side.

It’s not over 
but nothing lasts that long, 
and it’s melting 
and just goes on and on and on, 
don’t you see my love, 
that we almost nearly had it all?

Energy heartbreak cries 
like the tears that I see In your eyes, 
energy heartbreak please 
there’s still darkness on the other side.

And you wake up in the morning, 
and you bask beneath the rays, 
and you can still believe in something 
that you can’t fix in a day,

but I can’t deny this feeling 
like everything’s undone, 
when I see the sun, 
when I see the sun.

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