I just love this part of the world 
The food’s fine and the sun shines 
And the people seem so relaxed 
They ride motorbikes lidless 
It seems like nobody’s ever been anywhere 
They didn’t wanna be 
I guess I’m not long for this world

He just seems to kind of sit there all day long 
In his little store 
Where time stood still long before 
Meticulous man, time on his hands 
Time is his hands 
He told me 
You too can exist in your very own parallel time 
Time ticks and how do you get your kicks? 
Right now I could do with any kicks

Back home it’s another dead cold night 
The street lights emanate kind of surreal glows 
Upon the real cold driven snow 
That we all know so well 
And I walk alone 
But when there’s a song in my head 
I don’t really feel alone 
The busy streets are empty now 
And everybody’s gone home

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