Last Day on Earth

As I collapsed to watch the movie 
A hand reached out and pulled me through the screen
Angels descending from the rooftops 
They wanna take me to all these places I’ve never seen

But I’m gonna live forever 
I’m gonna cause a diversion 
And head ’em off at the pass 
And this is my last day on earth 
This is my last day

Listening to when Ann cries and swears 
And kisses all her lover’s ex-lover’s lips 
She’s only known the flights of ecstasy (and agony)
And she’s never felt lost throughout all of this

But she’s really had it this time 
She’s had it so much it’s starting to make her sick
She says lets exit quick 
And this is her last day on earth 
This is her last day 
This is our last day 
The is my last day on earth

Now I’m burning for somewhere 
I’m gonna tape on these paper wings and fly high 
And maybe close and maybe burn but high

This is my last day on earth 
Last day on earth

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