Last Train to Satansville

You look like you’ve been losin’ sleep 
Said a stranger on a train 
I fixed him with an ice cold stare and said 
I’ve been havin’ those dreams again
In one dream there’s this girl I love 
And we dance every wakin’ breath 
And in the other they’ve thrown me in a cell 
And they’re tryin’ me for her death 
I’m only young and young in love 
As I hold that girl today 
But I’m old and tired and in the cell 
And I’ve nigh on withered away

Y’see my baby’ gone away too long 
And I’m chokin’ back the tears 
Disheveled star in a burnt out bar 
And I’m talkin’ in my drink 
She promised me the world and more 
How could she do this to me? 
And now mine’s tumblin’ down around 
But at least my eyes can see 
And those stars in the sky are for me

So as this fagged-out tinsel town 
Waves so-long to the sun 
I lay here calmly on my bed 
And the trigger of my gun 
And should that no good woman show up 
Dancin’ from a dream 
I’ll squeeze it twice and not think twice 
And relish every scream

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