Date: Thu Jun 29 23:28:20 2000
Name: wertdshjkkkgf
Comment: it’s on the wrong treats single

Date: Thu Jun 29 03:16:16 2000
Name: Shar Chi
City/State/Country: oz
Comment: btw, does anyone know what the “Straight Thru Yr Heart” Swervie bside referred to on the Toshack site? (in About the SOngs section under Sisyphis)

Date: Thu Jun 29 02:55:33 2000
Name: Shar Chi
City/State/Country: Australia
Comment: Props to Art Thompson for getting this forum up & running =)

Date: Tue Jun 27 18:58:41 2000
Name: bmoon63
City/State/Country: new york city
Comment: Hey friends! Did anyone out there record SWEVREDRIVER either on tape or video?? I have a few audios I taped myself. Want to trade? I also recorded well over 100 non-Swerve shows from 1979-present. Hope to hear from you. BMOON63@AOL.COM

Date: Tue Jun 27 10:00:08 2000
Name: Ricky
City/State/Country: Canada

Date: Mon Jun 26 02:54:57 2000
Name: color wall
City/State/Country: la,usa
Comment: Very Cool Site. Check out indie guitar band Color Wall.

Date: Thu Jun 22 12:00:23 2000
Name: BiBBs (
City/State/Country: Toronto,ON,CANADA
Comment: Hey there Swervetites, Speaking as a former radio DJ in Windsor/Detroit, I was sucked into the SwervedriveR SounD from the first time I saw them live opening for Smashin Pumpkins back Dec. 3rd/1993. From there on it was special to see the guys LIVE in Detroit numerous times,LondonON, and Toronto. Thanks for feedin’ my ears!!!! SwervedriveR FoR LifE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Tue Jun 20 19:32:36 2000
Name: jez
City/State/Country: england
Comment: just to say “fear not” !we really do have a few things in the pipeline even though,after ten years or so of getting beat up by the industry we are all doing our own thing for a while.steve and i are doing The Pig Orchestra feat. Raymond Watts from Pig and KMFDM,some of Elastica,BJ Cole,Andy Cooke from Juttajaw and the Howard Marks Project and any other mates who were around at the time.go to for a little country ditty we dd a few months back.the album should be done in a couple of months from now then expect a tour of the world (or as much of it as we can get to in a plane or tour bus!). Jim’s spending time at his country retreat with the family he didn’t see for months on end while we toured.Adam seems to be enjoying his Toshack thing – should’ve called it Bremner Lorrimer though – whaddayareckon Ad?Good “top 3” moniker????:):):)hope to see you all on tour again soon…thanks for the awesome support and love,…jez….xxx

Date: Mon Jun 19 06:23:11 2000
Name: Tuomas
City/State/Country: Finland
Comment: There’s some links at Toschak Highway’s site…

Date: Fri Jun 16 16:42:42 2000
Name: kristy
City/State/Country: New Orleans Louisiana USA
Comment: I remeber the first time I seen SWD, (I think it was in ’98) when they played with HUM. I never heard of them before, but they surely did blow my mind away. As I walked into the club, with an altered state of mind, they were already playing. I just thought what is this and the rest of the show I was completely mesmorized. The next day they were playing in another town so I had to see them again, also along with HUM and that show was even more uplifting. Since then I have enjoyed SWD throughly and have had Godly experiences listening to them. So the question is: WHEN ARE THEY GOING ON TOUR AGAIN IN THE USA?

Date: Thu Jun 15 23:29:49 2000
Name: tookoo
City/State/Country: japan
Comment: what’s the BBC review tuomas? i didn’t see that?

Date: Thu Jun 15 22:04:52 2000
Name: q
Comment: sessions records and t-shirts…………in california…they released a 7″ from swd as well

Date: Thu Jun 15 20:52:21 2000
Name: Billi
City/State/Country: Oz
Comment: Wheres sessions?

Date: Thu Jun 15 11:23:30 2000
Name: q
Comment: billi, you could also check sessions….they used to have a few old school swd shirts…the best was the one with all the pedals…

Date: Thu Jun 15 02:53:30 2000
Name: Tuomas
City/State/Country: Finland
Comment: What the hell are those BBC morons blabbering on. The review of Toschak Highway underlines that Adam is former/ex-member of Swervie, fuck them…

Date: Wed Jun 14 18:18:37 2000
Name: Billi
City/State/Country: Oz
Comment: Yeah I did go there but they only have the one shirt at the moment.Hopefully they will have something from the Raise Mecalhead days and soon!!!

Date: Wed Jun 14 12:25:20 2000
Name: q
Comment: hey billi, go to and check out the merchandise section and your wish shall be granted.

Date: Sun Jun 11 23:00:30 2000
Name: Billi
City/State/Country: Australia
Comment: Does anyone no where you can buy Swervedriver T-shirts/Long sleeves on the web.Any help appreciated Cheers!!!!!!!!

Date: Wed Jun 7 13:50:51 2000
Name: Rick
City/State/Country: Canada
Comment: what can be better than being high, eating mangos and listening to duel?

Date: Wed Jun 7 09:57:59 2000
Name: Sci-Flyer
City/State/Country: the moon
Comment: love these guys, but where’s the new album? Heck, even Radiohead is releasing an album in October…

Date: Fri Jun 2 13:57:15 2000
Name: prone to fall
City/State/Country: Canada
Comment: 😉

Date: Fri Jun 2 10:02:21 2000
Name: know
City/State/Country: one
Comment: sees you behind jelllllllllllllllllled doors

Date: Fri Jun 2 09:59:45 2000
Name: Ricky
City/State/Country: Canada
Comment: Erik has said everything What more needs to be said. peace and much love.

Date: Thu Jun 1 18:19:33 2000
Name: Erik…
City/State/Country: Richmond, Va. USA
Comment: I have been all around the world and Swervedriver has always been there with me. They are the sound of dreams, of life, of rediscovering what makes it all worthwhile…They rock me into a stupor, put my mind in the sky, and elevate my soul…Their music is as beautiful as it is savage. I have seen them live 6 times in 5 different states. I have been very fortunate to meet each band memeber(with the exception of Steve)…and have been even more fortunate to have been there with this band since the beginning. I will always remember the first time hearing “Son of Mustang Ford” in ’91, the first time I layed eyes on them in Norfolk, Va. as they began a blistering set with an incredible version of “Sandblasted”, discovering the Stooges/Mc5/T-Rex connection with the band, waking up in the middle of the night nearing “Lead me where you dare”, driving through the mountains in Germany listening to “Raise”, having it seem like I had been waiting my whole life for that moment, talking to Jez for 2 hours in D.C., seeing the Pacific ocean for the first time as “99th dream” blasted through my skull, meeting others who love the music as much as I, and knowing that the band is still there…moving on…”so far reaching”… Thank you for the music, and Thank you for “These Times”…

Date: Wed May 31 13:08:10 2000
Name: Chris
City/State/Country: England:
Comment: We have been sooo long without a guestbook on Ajay’s page that i was starting to go insane. i was thinking about setting one up myself but you beat me to it – nice one. I don’t have much to say today except that Toshack Highway rules big up to anyone who was at Pearl Jam on monday.

Date: Wed May 31 10:23:00 2000
Name: noah clarke
City/State/Country: canada
Comment: when are you pricks putting out another record, i need a fix

Date: Sat May 27 00:13:44 2000
Name: chad grenawalt
City/State/Country: CA
Comment: love the music. and would love to have the lyrics. somebody please e-mail

Date: Fri May 26 16:10:53 2000
Name: Ricky
City/State/Country: Canada
Comment: never lose that feelingggggggggg

Date: Tue May 23 22:31:13 2000
Name: James donald
City/State/Country: Australia
Comment: Love your music,keep it going,hope to see you in Australia soon!!

Date: Tue May 23 10:14:54 2000
Name: Ian Fairclough
City/State/Country: glasgow
Comment: p.s. anyone from Glasgow. Check ou TERRA DIABLOs gigs at the CatHouse on the 1st of June and King Tuts Wah Wah Hut on the 7th of June. A must if you love the mighty driver

Date: Tue May 23 10:09:00 2000
Name: Ian Fairclough
City/State/Country: glasgow
Comment: Cheers Hairy Haw. I’ll give it a shot. By the way, I picked up Son of a Mustang Ford EP in missing record the other day. Best day of my life that was. pop into McCormacks and Ill sort you out for some strings if you get a copy of any good eps and stuff.

Date: Sun May 21 10:20:55 2000
Name: kevin cleary
City/State/Country: new york
Comment: Justin, you’re right, I had wrong info Adam was with the band for raise. As far as being a dumbass you back woods fuck, go fuck your self. Grow up.I’ve been listening to SWD since Raise!

Date: Sun May 21 04:31:32 2000
Name: Padraig Mullarkey
City/State/Country: London
Comment: It is time that the SWERVEDRIVER b-sides are collected on one album. I have only got them on vinyl and still have not found them all. The b-sides are all great stuff and deserve to be more available

Date: Sat May 20 00:57:17 2000
Name: terrance houle
City/State/Country: calgary, alberta, canada
Comment: hey i love swervedriver , eversince raise and will continue, but i was wandering if anyone can help me find one of theyre T-shirts from they’re last tour and if they can e-mail me any info on how to buy one thanx

Date: Fri May 19 13:34:40 2000
Name: Dave L.
City/State/Country: Boston, MA, USA
Comment: Tour, you bastards!!!

Date: Fri May 19 09:38:32 2000
Name: Ricky
City/State/Country: Calgary Canada
Comment: swervedriver is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Date: Thu May 18 18:54:05 2000
Name: FrankieB
City/State/Country: Fairfield, CA USA
Comment: Swervedriver is da bomb! The Led Zeppelin of the 90’s and beyond that NOBODY knows about! Thank god they take their time and stay focused on their music. This will truly assure their mark in modern rock music for many many years to come! Swervedriving always, FrankieB

Date: Thu May 18 07:06:01 2000
Name: Hairy haw
City/State/Country: Glasgow, scotland
Comment: I’d maybe try Lost in Music in De courcy’s arcade, mate. I picked up “never lose that feeling” in there about two years ago. Failing that, try Echo in Byres Rd, they’re always good for a laugh. Don’t go to Fopp though, They’re shite now, I don’t think they’d know who the fuck the Swervies were if ye screamed it at them. There you go anyway, cheers.

Date: Thu May 18 05:02:38 2000
City/State/Country: GLASGOW, SCOTLAND

Date: Tue May 16 23:19:50 2000
Name: Sundog
Comment: Finally! I can’t wait for Swervedriver to get back into the studio! Toshack Highway is an excellent CD (Just Landed being the coolest song on it..IMHO) Anyone know if Valentine Number One is a tribute to MBV, because it sure reminds me of a `toned down’ MBV. I saw Swervedriver in Chicago for their Raise Tour and their last time through for 99th Dream (The title track is excellent…which you all already know). They always sound great in concert and Duress live is amazing. The Bouncers were even turning around to watch them play when they heard that number! Someone get us some Swervie news soon!

Date: Tue May 16 16:52:47 2000
City/State/Country: Bromsgrove UK
Comment: swervedriver- the finest band this godforsaken country has ever produced. I first heard them on a Radio 1 live broadcast in late 1990 and have been a fan ever since. First saw them April 91 at Bescot (Wonder Stuff big day out). Dont stop guys I may be 36 now with wife, mortgage etc but I still believe in you Keep it real love Brian

Date: Tue May 16 15:02:13 2000
Name: Scott Bowie
City/State/Country: Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
Comment: Dures changed my life. I used to sit on my ass smoke pot and whack off all day….uhm uh hmm. Oh well it’s a great song anyway.

Date: Tue May 16 03:19:35 2000
Name: Ari Dju-Nuts
City/State/Country: Bandung/Indonesia
Comment: What a Swerve……..!”

Date: Sun May 14 17:58:38 2000
Name: justin
City/State/Country: Boulder CO
Comment: Kevin Cleary you don’t have the slightest idea what the fuck you’re talking about! Adam WAS with the band for Raise and has been with the band from the very beginning, dumb ass. And the comparison to Oasis is just downright fucked up. You obviously don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about.

Date: Sun May 14 02:42:50 2000
City/State/Country: CANADA
Comment: will work for for food and swervedriver singles

Date: Sat May 13 22:50:44 2000
Name: Ricky
City/State/Country: Canada
Comment: Swervedriver you guys fucking amaze me (listening to Raise) seeya!!

Date: Sat May 13 12:35:36 2000
Name: Snotty
City/State/Country: kitty land, USA

Date: Fri May 12 20:40:49 2000
Name: 1ppe1
City/State/Country: toyohashi/aichi/japan
Comment: I wanna go to live.

Date: Fri May 12 10:26:58 2000
Name: Kevin Cleary
City/State/Country: Huntington,NY,USA
Comment: Jack Lewis Raise was an amazing album and so was Mezcal Head but Adam wasn’t with the band for Raise.I agree the new album 99th dream lacks the intensity of previous albums and should I dare say it sounds almost like Oasis ( say it isn’t so), Ejector Seat Reservation is an amazing album.

Date: Fri May 12 10:22:04 2000
Name: kevin cleary
City/State/Country: huntington, ny, usa
Comment: The most amazing band of all time!!!!!! If anyone is into SWD in the LI NY area, write my email at

Date: Fri May 12 09:30:51 2000
Name: Snail
City/State/Country: Newcastle, Australia
Comment: In 1991 two albums dominated the soundwaves thrown from the sound system in the basic spaces of my first year’s uni accommodation. The two albums were amazingly similar in not only the raw brilliance of the sounds, but in a “feeling”, mood and insight. The unique magic of Smashing Pumpkin’s “Gish” and (as you’ve probably guessed) Swervedriver’s “Raise” in my opinion have not and may probably not be ever heard again.(?) Other signs of almost fate – like similarity was on the following release of Swervedriver and the Pumpkins’ more commercially recieved albums. The bands apparent affinity confirmed in Swervedriver’s support of the Pumkins in a Siamese Dream tour of the States. A “siamese dream” indeed! I would love to know how this support of the Pumkin’s happened seeing Swervedriver are from a different continent and all. I wonder if either of the band came away from that tour with any influence on the other? Since the band’s second albums I think there has been a bit a a departure. Meanwhile, the Snail had been waiting for Swervedriver to make it on down. It wasn’t until the “Ejector Seat” tour that they finally rolled into Newcastle (the Palaise). Amongst songs from their two recent albums at that time, it was great to hear a good mix from all three alubums and singles. Though these guys in swervedriver have a feeling for music which lets them continue to create great sounds, I just wonder if they listen to themselves back in ’91 and realise how unique the sound was they set out exploring / experimenting with. I cant help but feel there is a sound out there, unresolved and waiting to be laid upon many grateful sets of ears. A sound like a driver’s view through a winscreen as the car winds around bends with views to the coastline in some cinema production. A sound like gusts of wind and lashing rain swaying long grass. A sound like sunsets, which still evokes vivd images in my mind and a stoke like going home all these years on.

Date: Fri May 12 04:47:33 2000
Name: Tuomas
City/State/Country: S(F)inland
Comment: Finally a questbook for swervedriver, hope that this venue goes as big as Ajay’s similar site… Oh yeah, I can totally agree with Borka, Duel is definetly a band to give an earfull to.

Date: Wed May 10 07:14:33 2000
Name: condor
City/State/Country: norwich,england
Comment: watch out for men in yellow sweaters or t-shirts! e-mail me if you get the chance!

Date: Wed May 10 04:57:09 2000
City/State/Country: LONDON

Date: Tue May 9 00:51:28 2000
Name: andreas tompros
City/State/Country: toronto,on
Comment: hey, long time no see guys. last time in town you said you didn,t know if you were going to be coming back any time soon. If you don,t remember me i was the guy really stoned in the back of Lee,s Palace and we ran into you guy in Bufallo. I play in the group Lavender and hung out with a girl named Rhonda. Anyways if your out there and you some how read this send me a message so I know your still alive. Andreas.

Date: Tue May 9 00:27:34 2000
Name: Ricky
City/State/Country: Canada
Comment: Miss you guys….. getting sick of listening to old RIDE records………(and swerve records ofcourse) godbless. Adam- still gotta get your album… I am sure its amazing

Date: Mon May 8 00:24:16 2000
Name: Jon
City/State/Country: Oradell
Comment: the swerve keeps me high

Date: Sat May 6 18:21:28 2000
Name: gregg
City/State/Country: USA
Comment: C’mon…let’s get a full band release. I’m still bleeding from 99th Dream. Saw the Swervie’s tour supporting the disc (Chicago/Metro)…..fuckin’ full on, brothers! I want more!!!!!!!

Date: Sat May 6 13:26:09 2000
Name: Ryan
City/State/Country: Chicago
Comment: Toshack is pretty good but I’m with the guy looking for more vocals from Adam.

Date: Fri May 5 22:33:49 2000
Name: sad guy
City/State/Country: Athens, GA USA
Comment: Just read a review of TOSAHCK HIGHWAY on NME.COM: and it refers to Adam as “Former SWD frontman”. Is there something I don’t know?

Date: Fri May 5 10:40:33 2000
Name: Shawn
City/State/Country: Dallas, TX
Comment: Toshack is an incredibly chilled-out album. I wish it contained more of Adam’s vocals, but this is necessary for all Swervedriver fans.

Date: Fri May 5 00:03:03 2000
Name: q
City/State/Country: earth
Comment: toshack highway is nothing short of amazing. i hope it gets some promotion, and that people find out about it.

Date: Wed May 3 21:01:07 2000
Name: justin
City/State/Country: boulder, CO
Comment: Finally glad to see a new swervedriver message board. Was wondering if anyone knew if Adam was going to be touring in support of his beautifully amazing new solo album?

Date: Wed May 3 07:32:21 2000
Name: Borka
City/State/Country: Sweden
Comment: So you like Swervedriver, then you’ll like DUEL aswell. Check ’em out on: Lots of Mp3’s!

Date: Tue May 2 18:29:00 2000
Name: Art
City/State/Country: New York City
Comment: Finally, a Guest Book. Sorry it took so long. Enjoy!!

The scheduled release date for Adam Franklin’s solo album “Toshack Highway” is March 21, 2000. The album is to be released in the U.S. on Catapult Records and in the U.K. on Flower Shop Recordings. Flower Shop has released Swervedriver material in the past in the form of a 7″ single featuring My Zephyr/Mars. As a band, Swervedriver still remain without a label. Hopefully this will change soon.

Lots going on, but not much to report. Adam has recorded and will soon release a solo album entitled Toshack Highway. Details will be forthcoming. Jez has been busy with Bad Earth Studio recording & producing other bands and playing with friends on side projects. Steve is contributing on that front as well. Jimmy’s been being a dad. The guys may be in the studio this summer. More on that later…