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Thanks for posting the setlist from the Dallas show.  It was a good show, of course, but I was frustrated by the fact that they are an opener and played an opener set.  That was compounded somewhat by what appeared to be some pedalboard issues with Adam’s rig which may or may not have delayed their start time.  I can’t imagine what it was since I think he pretty much daisy chains them on the floor, but I may be completely mistaken about all that.  Anyway, I’d obviously rather see them play a full set rather than perform as an opener.

The good news is I’ve never seen them in a venue like HOB before and it was the first time I’ve really felt immersed in a lot of the psychedelia and pedal noises that they do.  Future Ruins was especially mindblowing.  So kudos to whoever was mixing in that regard.  I don’t think you’ll ever get a perfect sound to a Swervedriver show simply because the guitar interplay is always switching focuses and it’s tough to get that balance between the two unless you’re riding faders and know the songs, but it was still a pretty good sound overall last night.  Why Say Yeah was also a pleasant surprise.