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    Terry Diablo

      One of my pet peeves is “collector prices.” The concept that because something is rare or out of print, it should be worth a ridiculous amount of money. I’m a huge Swervedriver fan, and hope to one day have all their records on vinyl. But I would NEVER pay over a hundred dollars for a record. I wouldn’t pay over $50, even for my favorite album of all time (of which Mezcal Head is one).

      Unfortunately, collectors are part of the problem. All it takes is one or two people to throw a bunch of money at something like a record, limited edition cassette or big box VHS tape (you laugh, but certain horror VHS tapes can go for around $100), and suddenly there is a “market.”

      I love collecting music and movies, but I have always been frugal about my purchases. That’s one of the main ways I justify spending any money at all on these things. I’ll never understand the “must have it now, regardless of the price” mentality.

      I’ve scored some great deals on Swervedriver EPs on eBay before, so it’s not a total wash. But whenever I see things like this, it drives me nuts!


      Sorry for the rant, I feel much better now. [:D]

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