16 Aussie tour Tshirt avail in Medium @Tym Records

Guestbook 16 Aussie tour Tshirt avail in Medium @Tym Records

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    Locksley Taylor

    a month ago I went to Brisbane to watch QUICKSAND play – they were awesome …

    Tym records is next to the venue (The Zoo)

    I noticed Tym’s had a couple of the 2016 SWD tour shirts

    sizes were medium, light grey, the green design with Made in Australia bottom corner of the image.

    stuffed if I know where to host images these days or i’d put the image up here.

    best email em and see if still available… can’t remember the price

    will send a pic if anyone is interested.

    hmmmm was just about to give the link to my filming of the QUICKSAND show,.. mustn’t have uploaded yet – here they are from a few years back:

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