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Guestbook 3 dates posted on Toshack site

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    JUL 30 05
    Ancona Indie Weekend, Ancona, Italy
    Jul 29: Tarwater, Yuppie Flu and Patrick Wolf.
    Jul 30: Arab Strap, Giardini Di Miro and Adam Franklin.
    (12 euros)

    AUG 13 05 (more info on this in another post)
    M-Theory Music, San Diego, CA
    Sonic Summer Bash with solo acoustic performances from Adam Franklin, Mark Gardener (Ride) and Rob Dickinson (Catherine Wheel)
    (free show)

    AUG 21 05
    Iota Club and Cafe, Washington, DC
    Adam Franklin solo performace with King Mixer (ex-Swervedriver drummer Danny Ingram) more details to follow…

    keep your eyes on http://www.toshackhighway.com for more info

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