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    simon h

      This from my inaurgral rant on the old ‘greenboard’ to mark 500 posts over ten years ago now. (damn, obsessed much!;) I’ll take a backseat one day:

      Date: Fri May 12 09:30:51 2000
      Name: Snail
      City/State/Country: Newcastle, Australia
      Comment: In 1991 two albums dominated the soundwaves thrown from the sound system in the basic spaces of my first year’s uni accommodation. The two albums were amazingly similar in not only the raw brilliance of the sounds, but in a “feeling”, mood and insight. The unique magic of Smashing Pumpkin’s “Gish” and (as you’ve probably guessed) Swervedriver’s “Raise” in my opinion have not and may probably not be ever heard again.(?) Other signs of almost fate – like similarity was on the following release of Swervedriver and the Pumpkins’ more commercially recieved albums. The bands apparent affinity confirmed in Swervedriver’s support of the Pumkins in a Siamese Dream tour of the States. A “siamese dream” indeed! I would love to know how this support of the Pumkin’s happened seeing Swervedriver are from a different continent and all. I wonder if either of the band came away from that tour with any influence on the other? Since the band’s second albums I think there has been a bit a a departure. Meanwhile, the Snail had been waiting for Swervedriver to make it on down. It wasn’t until the “Ejector Seat” tour that they finally rolled into Newcastle (the Palaise). Amongst songs from their two recent albums at that time, it was great to hear a good mix from all three alubums and singles. Though these guys in swervedriver have a feeling for music which lets them continue to create great sounds, I just wonder if they listen to themselves back in ’91 and realise how unique the sound was they set out exploring / experimenting with. I cant help but feel there is a sound out there, unresolved and waiting to be laid upon many grateful sets of ears. A sound like a driver’s view through a winscreen as the car winds around bends with views to the coastline in some cinema production. A sound like gusts of wind and lashing rain swaying long grass. A sound like sunsets, which still evokes vivd images in my mind and a stoke like going home all these years on.

      Wonder if this is where ozi band Sounds Like Sunset got their name? Co-incidental I think, though definitely on the same wavelength.

      Anyways, cheers people for the times had and the times ahead…[:D]

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