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      Over the past two days I have had these communications with a mysterious German named Frans:

      I was on vacation on Bali and wrote a postcard as if I were a fisherman from Indonesia; and that I cought a shark which had
      a backpack in it’s belly, containing a swervedriver CD (and stuff). So
      I pretended that I could not read and that my daughter came from the city, explaining me that this was a disc with music on, that she brought a boombox and we listened to it. And I liked it. And then the daughter wrote down the address from the CD and me poor fisherman wrote that postcard to the UK and that if they would need the CD back, they should write me…Hahaha! I thought this was very funny – and wondered if the postcard ever got to England where Claire (back then) was handling all duties on the fanbase…ah, youth.

      By the way I sent a photo later, from Germany and under my real name.
      The Photo was taken in an Austrian village with the colorful name “Fucking” (really!) … and I took the photo from the backside, so as if I was leaving the village… so the name was crossed out in red. Also very funny, huh? The village still exists, I have proof of that.

      Servedriver fanboy #177, card dated 1997.

      Frans Stummer

      and then

      Allright, the hoax – if you put it up on the forum you might need the pic of myself as Adam Franklin impersonator… roughly from this time.. ah, I could use that as an avatar in the forum… cough, cough.


      and a reply from Adam:

      “Frans is a nutter! I went out for someone’s bridal shower type thing last night – well, it was a piss-up basically – and it was in a German Bier Restaurant and of course they serve beers in steins which are those two pint glasses, and so this does explain the whole German psyche to an extent, but Frans is still quite certifiable.”


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