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      hi everyone

      as some of you might alread know, i play in a band called the sea, like lead. we’re from pgh, play a mix of heavy/post-rock type stuff along the lines of envy (minus the screaming), explosions in the sky, mogwai, all that good stuff… we’re releasing a split 12″/cd with philly band belegost hopefully soon on Electric Human Project and hardtravelin records.

      anyways, we just had the unfortunate situation of having our practice space flood with 3-5 feet of water… we’re not 100% sure what the total damages are, but we’ve definitely lost our drums, at least three 4×12 cabinets (music man, marshall and peavey), a 1×15 sunn cab, and a music man head.

      i just wanted to ask that you maybe check out our music and pick up our demo cd…its $5 ppd from either us or whatever hope records has it for on their site (www.hoperecords.com). you can hear an mp3 on our website, which is http://www.thesealikelead.com. if you’d like to hear more, you can PM me and i’ll send some yousendit links of other tracks.

      you can send me a PM if you’re interested in the demo or just send a paypal thingy to jeremyahedges at yahoo dot com (make sure to include your address)…we’ll hopefully have the split out very very soon – we’re really excited about it (the belegost side sounds fucking amazing)…

      i’m really sorry to post this sort of thread – i really hate doing this because it looks like i’m using our situation to promote our music…not the intention at all, we’re just all your average struggling musicians.

      any love you could throw our way would greatly help out in beginning to repair our unfortutunate situation.

      thank you so very much and much love and respect
      the sea, like lead

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