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      Hi folks,

      I had someone email asking for a show, then asked if I’d just give him everything I have. I understand the feeling, but it made me think, this might be a good time to do a (semi)-comprehensive torrent-fest of swervedriver shows on dimeadozen.org. Lots of swd shows have been torrented there over the years, but I don’t think anyone has done a “flood” of them.

      I have tons of shows, a fair amount of them masters that have never gone anywhere except my tape collection, then later to hard drive. I don’t have everything though. So, while this post is partly to tell anyone who’s listening to look out for shows (and sign up for an account if you’re interested and don’t have one already), it’s also a call for help if you have anything I don’t have.

      According to the gigs page on this site, the last SWD show (so far) was November 15, 2019. I taped their two Portland shows 11/1 and 11/2. There were 3 shows between those and the show on the 15th. What I’m planning to do is post my newest show (11/2) and work backwards in time, until I get back to my oldest show, get sick of doing it, or die, whichever comes first.

      So to start, any other tapers out there? Anyone doing this anymore? Anyone care? If so, do you have one of the 4 shows after 11/2/19 that you want to put up before I begin? If not, but if you have other stuff, maybe we can coordinate. I’m still pulling things together but I believe this will be the first batch I’ll be putting up:

      2019-11-02 bunk bar, portland (2 versions, if I can get the other taper’s permission. mine is incomplete)
      2019-11-01 bunk bar, portland (my recording)
      2019-10-10 casbah, San Diego (this is still on the server – will skip and maybe just point people to it)
      2019-04-19 el corazón, Seattle (my recording)
      2019-04-17 crystal ballroom, portland (my recording)
      2019-04-02 newport music hall, Columbus, Ohio (torrented may 2019 but no longer on dime)
      2018-05-19 Dryden street social, leicester, UK (torrented dec 2018, no longer on dime)
      2017-09-23 bimbo’s 365, San Francisco (I missed grabbing this one — hoping someone who did will put it back up, if not the taper)
      2017-09-22 casbah, San Diego (also still on server)

      after that I’ll start on the 10 shows from 2015 that were torrented in the past and keep going back from there. sound good? ok great. Hope to start in the next day or so. Maybe by the time I’m done the band will have a new album out and a whole new set of shows scheduled.


        i care! i was on dime years ago but i’m so seldom around that i lose my membership quite regularly

        would love an alternate way to get those shows?


          Well, if you can sign up yet again, that would definitely be the easiest thing for me. Lets me just upload each show once and then everybody else helps spread it around. Looks like they aren’t capped at a max number of users like they used to be years ago. The first one is up now and has 8 seeders / 2 leechers so speeds are good!

          If you end up not being able to for some reason, I can get stuff to you another way, but for now I just want to concentrate on getting momentum going on dime. Hopefully others with uncirculated masters might come out of the woodwork. But even with just what I have, there’s going to be a lot of posts there.


            Same with losing the membership on Dime all the time. they get squirrly about re-registering a bunch. Any one interested in sharing a MEGA account and passing that around? it’s just like dropbox but has up to 2GB free?


              I think getting a new account in some way (maybe setting up a new gmail account or something?) is going to be your best bet. I just finished uploading the last of the shows and the total is over 100. Not sure how many GB that adds up to but I don’t have the upload bandwidth to do it all again. If you can make another account I think you’ll be pretty happy!


                Does anyone have the live versions of the albums that were previously available on the website?   I had them all and they must have gone missing on one of my old corrupted external drives.   Would love to get those again.

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