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      Here you go brothers. The long lost questions from the forum have been answered. Special thanks to Adam who has answered a few of these twice thanks to the abyss of my organizational skills.

      1) What tuning is Song of Solomon and what would it take for you (Adam) to tab out or give the chords to some of your more difficult to play songs, (song of solomon) songs in open tuning etc.?

      Standard – capo on the third fret I think so it kicks off with an A shape, the second chord is kind of a G7 shape then a C and an F. It would probably be a bit of a nightmare to tab out though and I can’t promise I’ll do it but I might.. maybe..

      2) Why did you move the key for Canvey Island Baby when you play it live, is it easier to sing?

      Yep – some songs shift around key wise for live. Thing is you often write a song at home with maybe an acoustic and nothing but the birds tweeting outside and it all sounds fine. Then you get into a rehearsal room with the full amped-up power of a rock band behind you and realize that the vocal is in fact way too low to sing and thus the key gets altered.

      3) What amp set up were you using on the Spent Bullets tour? I saw 4 amps, a matchless, marshall, vox and one i couldnt tell. Are these A/B’d or run in stereo?

      Jesus, I thought that said the Spandau Ballet tour for a second! I was going through a Vox AC30 and a Matchless DC30. The set-up changes every tour really but this time around I had the same effects going through both amps with the Space Echo as the ‘wild card’ through the DC30 – thanks Casey!)

      4)How did your recent style come about? In songs where you tend to sort of play bass on the lower strings and melody on the higher strings at the same time. Did that grow out of your acoustic only show finger picking phase?

      Yeah it possibly did. It’s a great discipline to learn I think, doing the ol’ acoustic finger picking stuff, because you have to keep the bass going at all times and then it translates back into the full band rock thing in a cool way.

      5) If I pull some strings and arrange for Liverpool to win the Premier League in May, 2010 (and for Spurs to win the FA Cup) can you guarantee a new Swervedriver album by March, 2011?

      Not a bad offer. Well, first off you have to keep up your side of the bargain of course and then we’ll see.. Not sure about the Spurs part though – how about Fulham for the Cup instead?

      6) What kind of sandwich was Graham going after when he got off the bus?

      It’s a good question! Graham’s actually quite amused by the sandwich thing these days – he says he still gets asked about it all the time and comes back with ever more elaborate responses. A couple of years ago I asked Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre how come Graham ended up in his band and he said they’re driving down the street in San Francisco in their VW Camper van and Anton looks over at the sidewalk and shouts out “that’s Graham from Swervedriver! Pull over!” They pull over and Anton calls out “Graham!” “Yeah?” he calls back. “Jump in!” and Graham did. Always hopping in and out of vehicles that guy..

      7) How did you make the noise on Sci Flyer 8 secs in?

      The distortion goes in front of the wah.

      8) I’ve read that Adam and/or Jim played bass on some tracks, before Steve appeared on the scene. Does he remember which tracks?

      Jim plays bass on A Change Is Gonna Come and Harry & Maggie and I played bass on the rest of Mezcal.

      9) I once heard a rumour that (awesome) metal band Carcass would often forgo rehearsing their own material, in favour of playing Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath covers to amuse themselves. I really can’t picture you guys standing in a rehearsal room playing Duress 20 times in a row given the improvised nature of that and some of your other material. Off the top of my head I can only think of a few cover versions that Swervedriver performed or recorded during their career. Are there some amazing Swervedriver covers hidden in the vaults that we

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