Adam Franklin at The Croc (Seattle, 7/14)

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      On the first few listens, there was very little in Bolts of Melody that harkened to Swervedriver. But no Swervedriver fan will be disappointed in the show, despite there only being one SWD song in the set I heard. Adam’s guitaring is so unique and melodic with those orange album sounds sprinkled throughout.

      MORNING RAIN was worth the price of admission. The four-peice doesn’t “jam” per se, but they did allow themselves to expertly meander (and I mean that as a compliment, ala the ending of Wrong Treats) and heighten the mood.

      Other tunes include: Seize the Day, LSD, Canvey Island, Sundown, I’ve Lost the Feeling, The Streets That Spin Off, and some more.

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