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    [^]I have an incomplete video (Adam allowed me to record) from his solo show at the Magic Bag in Detroit , Michigan 11-13-01. I’ts excellent picture and sound quality. It runs approximately 30 minutes. My wife recorded over the first tape of the show.[V] I’m affraid it no longer exists. The 2nd tape is sweet though.Starts with the end of Duel i think and he plays some great tracks like Over, The Ocean(beach boys), some instrumental jam, and some others. I trade 3 CDs for 1 DVD. Or 1 for 1 DVD obviously. Cheers, Adrien (user-angel77)[;)]
    Setlist for video
    Until I Die(beach boys)
    Rock & Roll Saves my Life
    My Sweet Heart
    Last Train to Satansville(cut)

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