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      I have been along time Swervedriver/Adam Franklin fan since 99 from Arizona and this will be the first time I have had the fortune of seeing Adam solo? Do you happen to know if would mind if i taped the show to share with the community? i just think his music is so worth while that it would be important to share with us fans? This is regarding next Saturday’s San Diego show? If anyone knows the policy which i hope he is open to it, since i know it would be really be awesome to share with the community if he would be down with it or is there someone i can call or email to find out?

      Thanks for any info.. Sorry i lurk alot and not really much of a poster, since i never really have anything significant to offer here, btu a great recording of Adams solo peformance would be an awesome offering here and another contribution to Adams great live peformances.

      Thanks again for any info!!!!

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