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    I’m pasting this right from the swervedriver mailing list. (

    Hey all,

    Just dropping a small live review last Friday’s Sophia gig in Stockholm. Live on stage was Robin (ex-God Machine), our own Adam Franklin, and three other Sophia/Toshack Highway band musicians! It was such a huge diffrence from previous Sophia gigs, normally it would just be Robin on acoustic guitar and maybe one keyboardist. Even the previous tours with the Swervies (Adam + Steve) were laid-back, candlelight affairs with the whole band seated. This time they ROCKED!

    It was very loud at times, great slamming versions of many Sophia songs, but with that special Swervie touch: Adam’s guitar shining through, using the flanger and vibrato a lot. I took some snapshots of his setup, he was using 7-8 different pedals in sequence! He was mostly dressed in black and leather, and short hair – no dreads.

    Afterwards, I got to talk to the guys. Adam told me briefly of the other Swervies whereabouts, and it seems that SWD are as good as dead and buried. He doubted they’ll ever get their act together again.

    Re., he’s aware that the site is down, the site manager screwed something with the registration, but he’s working on it, he promised. He signed a few records that I brought, and we chatted for a while, can’t remember from the top of my head about what… But just ask, and I’ll try to recall.


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