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      “The live CDs of the four albums – that was a pretty
      cool idea. I listened to that stuff on headphones and
      there are some scorching performances in there –
      hearing the songs from Hoboken New Jersey on Halloween
      1998 took me straight back to being in the back of a
      very hot room on a very cold night!

      The version of For Seeking Heat is insane! The band is
      totally on the edge at 110mph and sounds like it’s
      gonna careen off at any moment – I’ve heard more
      solid, steady versions of this song but for sheer
      visceral excitement this takes the proverbial

      I know that some of the stuff isn’t too great
      recording quality-wise but the only actual glitch I
      spotted was on Harry & Maggie, fairly early on in the
      first verse, where there’s a chunk of a few seconds
      missing – hopefully that wasn’t on the original

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