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    “We’ve done these new recordings that sound a lot more
    electric and rocky. I’m still not sure if these
    recordings should be as Toshack Highway or not,
    especially as Jeff Townsin doesn’t play drums on them
    – there was originally a plan to record with Jeff and
    Will Foster who are both also in Sophia as well as
    having done those Toshack shows back in 2000.

    In the end though we couldn’t find a time when
    everyone was available and so I went up to Toronto in
    August and recorded ten songs with Ley Taylor and Matt
    Durrant from Sianspheric and Dean Williams who does
    this electronica thing called Quasimojo with Ley.

    We spent a couple of days at a studio called Broadcast
    Lane in Toronto that is run by this really cool guy
    called Lurch and then drove an hour north of the city
    to a cottage by a lake for some round-the-clock
    recording. It’s sounding pretty cool so far, kinda
    like psychedelic-midnight-country with occasional
    Hendrix and VU flourishes… (well you know, KINDA
    Hendrixy – my take on him anyway!) Matt’s drumming
    really brought out the Velvetsy side.

    We may end up adding some recordings we did in
    Brooklyn with Ron Lowder playing drums for release.
    I’m especially pleased I got to finally lay down this instrumental tune called “Theme from LSD” which was something that Steve George, Jeff Townsin and me came up with during a Sophia soundcheck in Milan a few years back.”

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