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    “Sophia heads out on the road again around Europe for
    a month. This tour’s a bigger operation as there’s
    gonna be a string quartet out with us also.

    I’ve only played with the strings twice, a festival in
    Belgium and a radio session in Paris but for some
    strange reason the string players are always the ones
    who go straight to the back of the bus and start
    skinning up and then later on they’re all wasted and
    shit – they’re far more rock’n’roll than they oughtta
    be in other words!

    There’s a Sophia XFM session that we did earlier this
    year (without the strings) at the XFM website:

    The Album Leaf are opening up on most of the dates –
    that’s this guy Jimmy LaValle from San Diego who used
    to be in Black Heart Procession and who’s just
    released a nice sounding, really chilled out album
    recorded in Iceland with Sigur Ros”

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