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      Caught Adam at the Comet last Saturday. Good show with a nice mix of songs from the last two albums. I really dislike The Comet, but will take what I can get in terms of seeing yr man and Bolts live.

      As a guitarist, I have done my part to chase Adam’s sound, down to buying a Jazzmaster and all the usual paraphernalia back in ’93. Some things struck me on Saturday, and I thought I would share these (not groundbreaking) insights with fellow musicians:

      1. First, Adam plays solely through the neck pickup of his Jazzmaster. I hadn’t realized that before. I’d noticed the switch being in that position frequently, but having an opportunity to stand 4 feet away and directly in front of him for the entire show he never switched it.

      2. His live tone is “darker” than what I expected. Not a lot of high end, or sparkly tone going on, even through a Vox AC30 and a Matchless. The neck pickup thing contributes to this, as well.

      3. Although being known as a “pedal” guitarist, he isn’t a snob about his pedals. He played through a Vox wah and a bunch of unmodded Boss pedals that anyone can get. I do remember reading that one of his Boss RV-3 Reverb pedals is “broken” in a way he likes. He always stomps on it to get that quick clattery repeating delay feedback used in songs like Morning Rain. He had a Boss RE-20 Space Echo that he seemed to use mainly for its oscillating effect.

      Anyway, it was great to see the guy again. I have been a fan since 92 and saw Swervedriver for the first time in ’93 at the Offramp here in Seattle.

      One thing I will say is that I hope the guy who stood in front of me all night filming the show with a Canon 5DMKII and Steadycam either posts the videos to YouTube or makes them otherwise available.
      Hopefully they’re a member of this forum and a Swervedriver fan. There is high quality video out there of this entire show, folks. I should know, as I wound up watching a good portion of it through the camera’s LCD…

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