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    “For their new single, the band have each taken a track from their back catalogue and remixed with. Fogarino spoke about the terror of working with Husker Du legend Bob Mould on ‘Length Of Love’ and while the general rule is ‘Don’t meet your idols’ the drummer has his own ideas: Screw that!

    Bob actually said to me when we’d finished, Thank you for this opportunity he enthuses in disbelief, And I thought, What!. He’s such a hero of mine but he disarmed his own legend early on so it was it was just like working with a nice, talented guy.

    Everything we do is a total democracy, so each taking individual tracks to work on was nice as it gave us the opportunity to each get our own way without compromising the integrity of the band.

    I’d really like to work with David Bowie in the future, Charles Thompson [a.k.a. Frank Black] from the Pixies and Adam Franklin from Swervedriver. I love him and never get tired of that band.”

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