Adam’s comments on pedals – from his eBay sale

Guestbook Adam’s comments on pedals – from his eBay sale

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    Locksley Taylor

      Hi there, I saw swervedriver here in Quebec city, Canada for the 99th dreams tour in 1998. I’m a huge fan i have all of your e.p’s except for the 93 millions… vinyl. I’m also a pedal collector have a lot (16 second delay, electric mistress, micro synth, bigmuff deluxe, deluxe memoryman, klon centaur, shred master, space echo, clyde deluxe, ts-808, supatrem(fulltone). I think you inspiring me making music. You use the compresor sustainer for the great long note at the end of your songs? What did you do with that effect in swervedriver. I know that you use a super feedbacker, i sold mine. I’m a real fan of analog, rich and warm. But when you use a lot of pedal you better give boss a chance because the mixing are good in beetthen. Did you still use the jazzmaster. I’m interest in your pedal Thanks for your time Pascal Lavoie

      A: Hi Pascal, cool man thanks for the kind words. The long notes you refer to may well be the Superfeedbacker, i have two of those and still find them very useful. The main thing we liked about the compression pedals was the way it kinda sucked the sound in and i would have the compression pedal on one amp but not the other. I know what you mean about analog but the Boss pedals are perfect for the road and if one breaks you can always pick another one up.

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