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    just got this amazing show, with two wonderful covers on it: Be My Wife (David Bowie) and Mama You’ve Been On My Mind (Bob Dylan).

    anyone know the date of this performance?

    Adam Franklin
    Solo Acoustic
    The Mint;
    Los Angeles, CA.
    1. The Hitcher
    2. Juggerenaut Rides
    3. You Live And Then You Die
    4. She’s Got Celestial Navigation
    5. 2541 (Grant Hart)
    6. The Other Jesus
    7. Sci-Flyer
    8. These Times
    9. Seize The Day
    10. Be My Wife (David Bowie)
    11. Last Train To Satansville
    12. Willing To Wait (Sebadoh)
    13. ?
    14. Oh Sweet Daughter
    15. Mama You’ve Been On My Mind (Bob Dylan)
    AUD > ? > CDR

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