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      I’ve never tripped, was too afraid of it when I was young because of all the media reports of people skydiving out of windows with no parachute, or “melting” into oncoming cars during rush hour traffic, or “flashbacks” etc… I’d try it now under the right circumstances, but it is apparently very difficult to find. Also…the pure chemical is indeed very valuable for medicinal reasons and has been completely and at times inappropriately maligned by media reports. It got demonized by all the hippie craziness back then. The truth about this powerful and wondrous chemical is probably only known to research types, and any folks who have enjoyed it’s use. It has re-emerged of late as treatment potential at sub psychedelic dose for migraine…it’s original intent.

      Chime away with personal trip logs…or Email me privately. I’ve always been fascinated by esthenogens of all types.

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