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    Are you in a situation where you spend long hours of driving and your only companion is a lousy AM/FM stereo? ME TOO!
    Ask yourself if you really like endless repition of songs you just can’t listen to even one more time. At the end of the day your head hurts and you can’t wait to jam some Swervedriver in your ears and a stiff drink down the hatch.

    There is an answer to your problem. And I hope I’m waisting my time right now cause you already went out and got yourself an FM modulator and a portable CD player.

    I picked up this handy little gadgit at the local Radio Shack. There are plenty of makes and models from what I understand. Different price ranges to boot. And of course you all know of the wide assortment of portable CD players available.

    Make sure you have a working ciggarette lighter in your car. No, not the kind that you hold in you hand and light your bannana peel joint!! [;)]

    I picked up the FM modulator from “Monster”. I own another Monster product and its very well made. You pay extra but as you know, you get what you pay for. $50.00.

    To me this is money well spent since I spend most of my waking life in a truck cab. Now I can listen to sweet sweet music on the road.

    I used to be this:[:(!][}:)][:(][xx(][V]

    Now I’m this:[:)][^][:)][:D][8D]

    Swerve on y’all!

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