Another great and timely story from Frans.

Guestbook Another great and timely story from Frans.

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      Frans is still in mourning and wante dme to post this:

      Yes, it’s me again. Allthough it’s totally obivous this is a blatant scandal to everyone else, I come clean but now. For me this all was just bad memories…I tried to forget. Tried hard. Did not succssed.

      So here we go:
      On my 29th birthdayparty I got to know a girl who became my wife some years down the line. As I was introduced to her mother we had the usual small talk (you do WHAT for a living?!?! (comicbook artist – not the hit with the ladies, take it from me)) and eventually the photoalbums from the past got on the coffeetable for want of anything to talk about. I politely browsed through them and feigned interest as suddenly a vaguely familiar face struck my attention. “Who’s THAT?” I asked. “Errr….” My mother-in-law-to-be was not too happy to talk about it. It was Saddam Hussein, badboy of the international dictatorscene. But THEN in the 70’s he was just a ladies man from the middle east – which some women found romantic, as this was before the islam got a bad name. She was a stewardess, blond, tall, he had that stupid mustache and an uniform. Push came to shove. They met again, then again. The relationship lasted for some years but he was quite “conquerous” and there seemly was no shortage of blond birds heading south for the winter – or so. Over the years my mother in law told all the stories of trips to the east, all over the world and the usual boring family lore …plus a dictator to be. They had planned to marry, it never happened.
      GOOD FOR ME! I mean, how would you like to be visited by the secret service to ask questions about the man? Your phone tapped? Your mail opened? Followed by black cars, the full monty. Me, I`ve got else to do – my life is far out enough as is. Nobody will believe me anyway, allright. I enclosed some pics. One is from in the gardens of the Nato HQ, the one with the flags. The other from the Badgad zoo.
      Another strange detail: nearby here lives the old lady who was the wife (a german woman!) of the king of Saudi Arabia in the 50’s, now she is old and very lonely. I got to know her as my daughter played with her cats in the garden of a former monastery in Bavaria, which she partly owns. I checked the story, she showed me all the photos – her rooms look like a scene from arabian nights. She was the first woman who was allowed to drive a car in Saudi Arabia.



      thats all for now.


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