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    Hello guys, How have you all been? In a recent discussion on this forum the subject came up on whether or not any of you visited this this site. I am a firm believer that some ,if not all of you do from time to time. Also, I want to stress the fact that most of “us” feel that way as well. There is a lot of wondering concerning a reunion of Swervedriver.At least in my mind. Of course that would be a dream come true for any Swervedriver fan. Even if all four of you posted that it wasn’t possible most of us would keep wishing anyway. I wanted also to ask if there was any plans for a box set in the future? If you did a box set could I humbly suggest that you included an entire disc of your b-sides? I’m sorry if stepped out of line. I truly respect you all for the wonderful songs you have given the world to hear and I’m looking forward to any and all creative efforts in the future. I wish you all the very best!! -Jeremy (Jeronimo)

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