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      Hey all,

      Long-time fan and member of Ajay’s Swervies list, but new to the forums.

      I have Serene and Surreal, but I’m a stickler for sound and the vinyl tracks were recorded really low, and my copy had a few pops and clicks in it that really bothered me.

      So now that Juggernaut Rides is out, I was wondering if anyone had compiled the tracks left over onto a couple of CD-Rs from the original sources (no MP3s)?

      by my list, here’s what is left:

      Son of Mustang Ford (demo from American Pensioners CD)
      Surf Twang
      Deep Twang
      Volcano Trash
      She’s Beside Herself
      Out (Peel Session)
      Laze It Up
      Year of the Girl
      Satansville Revisited
      Land Of The Lost
      In The City
      Magic Bus (edit)
      Magic Bus
      It’s All Happening Now
      Director’s Cut of Your Life
      In My Time (Four-track version)
      Up From The Sea (Four-track version)
      These Times (Geffen promo)
      Wrong Treats (edit)
      Good Ships
      Hate Yr Kind
      Homeless Homecoming
      Chateau in Virginia Waters

      Have you guys discussed distributing this in the lossless FLAC format and/or using a torrent tracker to distribute?

      Thanks, and sorry if this has been covered before.

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