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    How bout an off the top of your head rambling of noteable bands you’ve seen. If you forget, just keep adding. Any good stories involved?

    -Jesus Lizard
    -Melvins (got photos of me and my buddy getting wedgies from Buzz and Dale)
    -Nation of Ulysses (in an old meat locker crammed with 150 people or so…incredible)
    -Fugazi (first, best, tour and album)
    -Sabbath reunion (oh yeah)
    -Stray Cats (first concert)
    -Swervedriver (sadly only once)
    -Stevie Ray Vaughn (he’s dead now)
    -No Means No (same meat locker..also incredible)
    -Tar/Jawbox (one of my faves)
    -Brainiac (millions of times, also deceased)
    -BMRC (before first lp…pretty impressive live then)
    -Frank Black (tour before all this Pixies bullshit)
    -The Stooges (just kidding, Im too young to have been around)
    -Pixies (when they were an actual band)
    -Link Wray (the real god of modern rock guitar playing)

    More to come…I think…

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