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      Sorry, Ian Diablo had to get your attention dude. Won’t get down to your Tuts gigs-I work for the Rozzers (if they only they really knew me, ma jaicket would be on a shoogly peg) at the moment and they have me on a night shift when yer playing.
      Anyway, my question: You know anyone looking for a bass player who can write tunes and do BV’s? I’ve been listening to far too much of the Ride boxset again and it’s making me feel 19 again. i’m kinda jamming with people at the minute (big dumb Zep riffs-quite fun) but its a stopstart thing and I just want to play gigs.[:D]
      The big problem is probably a lifestyle one- a variety of factors means that the only naughties I can do these days is the friendly licensed one- most of the dudes I’ve crossed paths with are still on the space travel rock’n’roll trip. Any thoughts? PM me if you do chieftain. I’d be grateful.[|)]
      Oooh, Chapterhouse have just come on the media player……ahhhhhh, magic.[8D]

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