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      I thought you might be interested to add a story of the best gigs you have seen and why.

      Mine was in 1992, The Old Lion Hotel, Adelaide. Neds Atomic Dustbin on the Godfodder tour. I was amazed. It was a weeknight and Uni was in full swing. We all headed to town playing the lp in an old Datsun 180b. We piled out in a haze of dope smoke and headed inside. It was pretty empty really. It was summer and daylight saving meant it was still light and it didnt really feel like a build up to an amazing concert. We felt pretty confident and happy as it started. The crowd may have topped 150 in a 500+ venue. We had a base at the back of the room on the first step. In front of us was a loose throng of people all enjoying the back up band – some aussie nobodies who never went further unfortunately. We could see the whole room from this vantage point and still make out the faces of the band. By the time Neds started we were ticking along pretty well. They started with “Until You Find Out” and things started to happen. Before long the crowd was surging in time to the music. Then, as we headed for the front a mosh started. I had never experienced one before, being a relatively new danceform. It was a lovely gentle mosh the likes of which i haven’t experienced since. We could see the faces of the band giving us the knowing looks and we felt included completely. It frenzied with them playing “Happy” and I was in the zone. People fell and were helped up and then encouraged to continue.
      They encored with “Kill your television” and we were just loving it. We left happy and raving. I felt 10 foot tall and bulletproof. My T-shirt was a write off and we headed to the takeaway for a few quiet ales and compared stories of what we had just experienced. I couldnt wipe the smile off my face.

      What was your Best Ever Gig?

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