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    Thought I’d post a new topic on the idea of everybody swapping a “Best Of…SWDish bands” compilation CD. Rocket & I are doing one up to swap. Any other takers? That way we can hear some SWDish bands that we haven’t heard and we could end up with several CDs of the coolest SWDish bands in the world. (with some US, Canadian, UK, Aussie influenced CDs)

    This is the kind of thing Rocket has:
    Ride – Seagull
    Catherine Wheel – Kill Rhythm
    Revolver – Venice
    Sloan – 500 Up
    Chapterhouse – Falling Down
    Moose – Jack
    Kevin Shields – City Girl
    he Boo Radleys – One Last Hurrah
    B.R.M.C. – Generation
    Broken Social Scene- KC Accidental
    South – Colours In Waves
    Snowmobile – Swervedriver
    Sonic Youth – Teen Age Riot
    Sianspheric – To Myself

    The Who – Sparks
    Duel – A Hundred
    Sonic Youth – Sugar Kane
    Doves – Sea Song
    Paw – One More Bottle
    The Posies – Dream All Day
    Superdrag – Feeling Like I Do
    Fireside – The Betrayer
    Foo Fighters – Everlong
    Ride – Moonlight Medicine
    Lupine Howl – Carnival
    the High Dials – Regeneration

    The kind of stuff i would put on a CD like that would be: Tumbleweed, Cosmic Psychos, Leo Nine, Mercury Rev, Powderfinger, Ride, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and the Mary Chain, Doves etc. What say yea all????[xx(]

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