best SWD gig u saw?

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      I have to say out of the 6 or so gigs I saw( i think there are more at festivals but i cant remember where or when) Camden Dingwalls in 98(?) was the best[:p]
      Did any one else see them several times like me? My mate Clare followed them on tour so easily beat me but i reckon i did ok!
      From a hazy memory i think i saw these
      1.SWD support Wonderstuff Brighton Centre 89
      2.SWD support Janes Addiction [8D]Bristol Bierkeller 90
      3.SWD Reading Festival 90
      4.SWD New Cross Venue,London 91 (Very good gig to launch Sandblasted)
      5.SWD Camden Dingwalls,London 98
      6.SWD Oxford Zodiac 98
      So which gigs did u lot really enjoy?

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