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    There must be at least a few Mould fans here, so I figured I’d gloat over having witnessed his New Year’s Eve gig — a 2-hour, 33-song set. I never would’ve guessed as a Huskers-worshiping kid in the ’80s that Mould would be at the top of his game in 2014/15!

    Read it and weep:

    Flip Your Wig
    Hate Paper Doll
    I Apologize
    Star Machine
    The Descent
    I Don’t Know You Anymore
    Little Glass Pill
    Nemeses are Laughing
    The War
    Hardly Getting Over It
    The Act We Act
    A Good Idea
    Keep Believing
    See A Little Light*
    Your Favorite Thing*
    Sinners And Their Repentances
    Up In The Air
    Fire In The City
    If I Can’t Change Your Mind
    Hey Mr. Grey
    Hoover Dam
    Tomorrow Morning
    Fix It
    Come Around
    Celebrated Summer

    Real World
    Something I Learned Today
    In A Free Land
    He’s A Whore**
    New Day Rising

    Bob Mould — guitar, vocals
    Jason Narducy — bass, backing vocals
    Jon Wurster — drums
    * Margaret Cho — (guest vox on two songs indicated)

    ** Cheap Trick cover with Jason Narducy on lead vocals and 12-string bass.

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