B&P: 30.01.92 Toronto and 10.07.94 Duor Festival

Guestbook B&P: 30.01.92 Toronto and 10.07.94 Duor Festival

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      The two shows below are sitting on my hard drive right now (just ripped them for a trade), figured I might as well offer them as a B&P to the board – drop me a line with your full postal address if you’re interested.

      What is a B&P? Check http://www.mcnichol.com/bnp/default.htm for a full explanation. Paypal (for costs) preferred, but traditional B&Ps will also be entertained – however, you will need to send either IRCs or cash in the mail to cover postage if you’re not in Holland.

      30.01.92, Lee’s Palace, Toronto, A-, AUD MST TAP, 58, none
      1. Sunset / Sci-Flyer 2. Wicked Game (tease) / Sandblasted / Deep Seat 3. Rave Down 4. She’s Beside Herself / Son Of Mustang Ford 5. Looking At You (MC5) 6. Down On The Street (Stooges) / T.V. Eye (Stooges)
      D3-1 master, slight tape fuzz, occasionally noisy audience; show played with replacement drummer

      10.07.94, Duor Festival, Duor, A-, AUD DAT MST, 35, none
      1. Rave Down 2. Duel 3. Planes Over The Skyline 4. The Other Jesus 5. Sandblasted 6. Duress
      Recording and transfer: Crown CM-30 > Sony TCD-D3 (LP, 32 kHz) and Tascam DA-302 > coaxial > Tascam CD-RW700

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