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      Well – I’m much more comfortable with Kerry than with Bush. Bush has shown that he would rather be stubborn and wrong than try to rectify a bad situation. Regardless of whether you think we needed to go into Iraq or not, he botched the job by not finishing up in Afghanistan first – by being too hasty and dismissive of our allies – and of not listening to his own advisors who cautioned against the war.

      Regardless – Bush is the posterboy for anti-intellectualism in this country and represents everything that is bad about current politics – regardless of which side of the aisle you sit on. Why we set the bar so low for our president is beyond me.

      As for Nader – he is one of the biggest hypocrits under the sun. For him, it’s all about ego. While I agree that we need more than just two parties, I’d rather see Bush in office than Nader. This is a man who just joined a party (reform) whose chaiman (O’Hara) not only supports a constitutional ammendment banning abortions – but the death penalty for women and doctors who violate it. And Nader is pro choice. That sort of hypocrisy makes me puke.

      Bush had his chance – he blew it. Economists agree (see AP article today) EVEN WITH 9/11 the economy should be generating 250,000 jobs per month – we couldn’t even hit the paultry 150,000 that Bush projected (amassing only 96,000). Add to that the AT&T today announced they are cutting more than 7,000 jobs…

      People who think they are social democrats and fiscal republicans should flush bush down the toilet – he had presided over one of the worst economies since the depression.

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