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    I just got this email. If anybody is starting torrents let me know and I’ll inform teh author.

    “Hi there,

    I’ll try not to bore you with this message, but I think I need a tiny introduction. I live in Argentina, my girlfriend somehow discovered Swervedriver a long while ago when the country’s economics weren’t so awful when she listened to 99th Dream at some record store and immediatly bought it. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to buy any other SWD CDs as yet, since it’s nearly impossible for us to afford import prices.

    Anyway, we plan to move out of this country (and then we’ll be able to buy anything just like in the good old days) but I decided to make up for that for the remaining time with some live music. I didn’t think I’d find SWD recordings, so I was really pleased when I found the downloads section on your site.

    However, I think I must’ve caught the last few days of the following shows:

    * 1998-01-14
    * 1998-02-26

    The fact that I have a slow modem connection didn’t help, for sure. For some reason I have a hard time downloading from html-based sites. The download client usually ends abruptly before the file is done downloading, not even telling you about it. So you wind up with an incomplete file. I think it happened with a few tracks from both shows, but I can’t really tell since there was no info regarding the running times and/or filesize for each track on the page.

    I know this kind of requests must be a drag, but I was wondering if there may be some way for me to download whatever I missed from those shows. Either as an exception, telling me about some place where I could temporarily grab the missing tracks -which I would be really grateful about- or maybe you could tell me whether those shows will be put up for download again sometime in the future? I mean, once the material available for download starts being ‘recycled’?

    I would really appreciate any help you can provide. I would definitely try trading via standard mail but -as if the situation down here wasn’t complicated enough- our postage system is ridiculously expensive, making it really impossible for us to send stuff abroad.

    Sorry for the inconvenience (and the less-than-perfect English, but it’s not my mother language!).



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